[sf-lug] OpenMoko scheduling

GregBot gregbot at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 8 16:46:54 PDT 2008

Below is the proposed OpenMoko Users Group and Code Sprint schedule.   
In order to make this more succint, the discussion of the decision  
process is listed after the proposed schedule.

All events start at 6pm; Users Groups last about 2 hours, code sprints  
could last longer.  All events are at PariSoMa (info and location at  

Wed, Oct 15 - Code Sprint
Wed, Oct 22 - Code Sprint
Tues, Oct 28 - Users Group Mtg
Weds, Nov 12 - Code Sprint
Tues, Nov 18 - Code Sprint
Tues, Nov 25 - Users Group Mtg

The winning topics are:
Media player testing
	This is great for a wide range of OpenMoko users, from beginners to  
Bug fixes (based on current OpenMoko bug list)
	Aimed at developers
Online / streaming radio player port (e.g. Pandora, Last.fm, etc)
	The port work is aimed at OpenMoko and web devs, documentation / use  
testing by any type of users

One last recommendation:  We might consider giving some of our support  
and time to the NextBus project as a "social benefit" effort.  ;-)

Tuesdays won the voting.  However, scheduling is based on our location  
availability, and I'm not available the next couple of Tuesdays.   
Since our Users Group is set for Tuesdays, I also figured we should  
mix it up occasionally to give others who cannot come Tuesdays a  
chance to participate.  I also lined up the Code Sprints so they would  
lead directly into the next Users Group Meeting, as opposed to having  
a gap in between them.

Hopefully this schedule is fair and commonsense.  I will publish it as  
a draft schedule on PariSoMa.com and Upcoming unless this post  
generates heated debate. Thanks for all of your particiaption, and  
hopefully you felt your vote was represented in our small effort at  
democracy.  :-)


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