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> If this doesn't make sense, however -- don't worry!  None of this has
> been covered, and unless you have a specific interest in all this --
> you need not comprehend, use or fret about anything this entire email
> says.

This was actually really helpful.  It places things in context.  As a
lawyer, I am familiar with having to conduct direct and cross-exam on
experts in the fields of their expertise.  Much of the time, one has one's
own expert who assists in the examination of an adverse expert witness.
Still, I am very familiar with having to speak with people whose acumen in a
given field vastly exceeds my own.  I have learned to just have patience and
be persistent.  I have learned when to tuck away knowledge even if I can't
process it at the time, so that I can come back to it and reference it
later.  So this is all useful information; as I say, it places all this
knowledge in context.  So thanks!  I have read it all in detail, and have
run most of the statements that you have given us.

c u
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