[sf-lug] py class: need math help!

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 5 19:17:39 PDT 2008

--- On Sun, 10/5/08, Charles-Henri Gros <chgros at coverity.com> wrote:

> As per my previous e-mail, ED = EB tan (theta/2). This
> gives you theta
> theta = 2 atan(ED/EB)
> r = CE + ED
> CE = EB / tan theta
> r = EB / tan theta + ED
> This gives you r
> -- 
> Charles-Henri
I sent a reply to you (Charles-Henri) but only after I had replied to Jim
and (here's what took the time!) after I'd digested your contribution.
I'm in a hotel and the system barfed when I hit send!
The gist of the message was:

You've shown me the light!
I understand it now.
I think I am well on my way to figuring things out.

..and thank you very very much. I very much appreciate the time you took
to consider the issue.

This Python class is causing me to have to learn math that I haven't considered since long before graduation! (and I shudder to think how long that is as I am currently on my way back from a reunion.)



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