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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 18:26:11 PDT 2008


I would like to film tomorrow's py class.  It will mostly be b-roll, since
the sound is so terrible there.  I do have a mic that will allow us to
capture some audio and will cut down a wee bit on the horrible background
noise there, but since the sound is so bad, it will mostly just be b-roll
(background footage that is mostly used in conjunction with voice-overs).

I could also interview individual people on the street outside the cafe, and
I hope to start early with Asheesh.  I could also interview others.  I am
planning to be there one hour early tomorrow, meaning that I will arrive at
5 pm.  Alex is typically early, and so I could interview him outside the
cafe after I am done with Asheesh, or before Asheesh, assuming that Asheesh
consents, which I don't know, since I just asked him.

If you are willing to be interviewed,  please wear a solid colored shirt,
preferably not dark.  Salmon would be good; light green would be good; light
blue would be good.  Make sure it is not too light, because too light is
like white.

White is a killer color, no white please.

Also, no corporate logos, please, because I don't want to have to pixellate
the shot later.  KDE or GNOME logos are probably okay, but even Firefox
logos might be risky, sad to say.

I am just going to be asking you basic questions:

1) what do you do for your primary occupation?
2) do you work with FOSS?  If so, how?
3) how did you become interested in FOSS?
4) Tell us where we are standing (outside the Grind Cafe in San Francisco)
and why you are here (came to take a python class from Asheesh).
5) What is Python
6) Why did you decide to take this class?
7) what do you hope to learn from this class
8) why do you think Asheesh bothered to do this?
9) what difference, if any, will this class make for the people who take it.
10) I personally can't think of similar classes for Windows that I have seen
anywhere, have you?  Do you think that classes like this are one example of
the cultural differences between the Windows world and the FOSS world?  Why
or why not?
11) Do you think that there will come a time when FOSS will achieve 51%
market share on the desktop?  If so, what year will that be?
12) what will it take for FOSS to reach 51% market share?
13) does it matter if Linux remains a small minority platform forever?  Are
there any cultural implications of the competition between Microsoft Windows
and GNU-Linux for the desktop?
14) Are there any cultural differences between Linux computers and
toasters?  Are computers just appliances?
15) Do you talk with other people about Linux and FOSS?  Why or why not?

If we are filming and a car honks or another noise happens, try to repeat
your last sentence.

Be sure to pause occasionally.

Smile and relax.

Once I have you framed, please look at your feet and do not move either
foot, as I will have you framed fairly closely, and if you move, you will
move out of the frame.

If you wear glasses, but can be interviewed without them, please consider
doing so.

Please try to avoid saying "out-of-context" worlds like they, them, it, he
she that those etc.  We will probably need to cut the footage radically, and
if we lose context, we won't know what you are talking about.  If you find
yourself repeating the words Linux or Windows or Asheesh don't worry,
because it won't appear odd in video, since the video is likely to be cut up
even before it goes onto the Internet Archive's Digital Tipping Point Video
Collection, where we currently have 76 hours of video posted.  This is our
raw video archive.  This video will need to be re-rendered for most
applications other than casual watching, as it is our "source code".  It has
no plot or music or transitions.


Our keyword search index page is located below.  It is the place to go to
find specific persons or themes for our footage.


Any video that you give us will be posted there for the world to rip, mix,
and burn as they like, as long as they comply with our cc by-SA license.

thx either way for considering my request.

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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