[sf-lug] [PYCLASS] Still on exercise 2.1

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 20:17:05 PDT 2008


Okay, with Jim's help, I was able to get past exercise 2.2.  Now I am on
exercise 2.4.1, which poses this question:

The volume of a sphere with radius R is 4/3piRcubed.  What is the volume of
a sphere with radius 5?

I have been vexed by this problem.  As the problem is written, I am
interpretting it to ask me to first divide 4 by 3.  Then, I am asked to
multiple the product of that figure by piRcubed.  We are told that the
answer is _not_ 392.6, but that is the only answer that I seem to be able to
produce.  Any thoughts?  My results are below:

>>> (4/3)*(pi*5**3)
>>> (4/3)*pi*(5**3)
>>> (4/3)*(pi*(5**3))
>>> ((4/3)*pi)*(5**3)
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