[sf-lug] BerkeleyTIP, mailing list was-Re: OpenMoko Code Sprint - please help us select a regular night and topics

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu Oct 2 19:52:47 PDT 2008

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008 11:14:41 -0700, "GregBot" <gregbot at sbcglobal.net>
> At Tuesday's great OpenMoko meeting, we scheduled our once-monthly  
> general User Group meetings for the last Tuesday of every month.  We  
> also decided to poll the community to find out what day works best for  
> ongoing bi-weekly code sprints. - and what you're interested in  
> working on.  These code sprints will be times when people who cannot  
> make the Tuesday night meetings will be able to drop in (unless of  
> course, the overwhelming consensus is to meet Tuesdays anyway).
> There are two polls up on Doodle.ch (thanks to Asheesh for the  
> suggestion):
> http://www.doodle.ch/9vupxqk4a2q9x7hf

1) Great going on your work. I'm an electrical engineer, & interested in
the project both as a hardware engineer, and because I'd like to have
one of the neo's as my phone.  I don't wnat to buy one till the data
speed capability is higher.

2) I know I've more than once tried for a few minutes to find a mailing
list for your meeting.  Your either a) not haveing a loist, or b) not
putting a link to the groups web page & list (if you have them) in your
email here is putting the cart before the horse - an effective group
needs those as a 1st step

3) I think your group would best help itself if it had a meeting time
during the global free software monthly meeting BerkeleyTIP-Global. 
Since I'm putting that together in my "free" time, it's on my to do
list, not done yet, to announce the attempt to get a meeting going in
SanFran.  I'll be suggesting this to Prof Verma at SFState - I think
there should be BerkTIPGlobal simultaneous meetings at all UC's & likely
all CA state colleges.    Point - the FIRST meeting you should be sure
to schedule each month should be on the first Sat, simultaneous with
BerkTIPGlobal, & should be at SF State.  Thus, your meeting would be
part of a larger world wide meeting, & you'd be able to communicate with
an order of magnitude or larger set of people who might become
interested in working on the openmoko project.

My 2 cents.  Best wishes.  Join the BerkTIP mailning lists & say hi.  I
hope you can join us in Berkeley this Saturday.  Since I'll be
announcing this meeting to berkeley engineering students, it would be
great if someone could bring a Neo hw over for the students to look at,
& perhaps contribute to.


PS - The Oct 4 Sat meeting I'm opening up to anyone joing us from
anywhere, even from home, no requirement to schedule a public meeting
location.  Join us on IRC & VOIP (Getting VOIP going between remote
meeting attendees is the ProgrammingProject for this meeting - Hey -
Phone people should b e intereste in VOIP, right?  :)  ).  I'll have
that info in the announcement I hope to have out tonight, to this sflug
list.  Join us online Saturday if you can't make it to Berkeley.


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