[sf-lug] [PYCLASS] Session 3: Date poll

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Wed Oct 1 18:04:21 PDT 2008

When will we go over chapter 3 of "Think Python"?

http://doodle.ch/participation.html?pollId=i96mw99sh4p2em42 has the link; 
by consensus we will decide when to do it.

If people have a preference for a different location, say so in the 
comments and I'll see if we can work that out.  I hope everyone's still 
having fun - and it was nice to see a few new faces!

-- Asheesh.

rain falls where clouds come
sun shines where clouds go
clouds just come and go
 		-- Florian Gutzwiller

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