[sf-lug] OpenMoko mtg

GregBot gregbot at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 24 12:13:18 PDT 2008

Hi all -
I'm back, and I definitely think we should catch up next week with our  
OpenMoko Users Group meeting. That would be Tues, Sep 30th at 6pm?   
I'll send a confirmation out.

While I was away, I noticed a post about OpenMoko basics geared at  
more general users.  I was going to begin compiling a bunch of this  
type of info, and with permission would like to include info from this  
post into a wiki article on the OpenMoo community board - as well as  
our PariSoMa blog.  I hope that's OK.

Asheesh - Can I also repost your info about Qtopia and battery life on  
our PariSoMa blog?  Or do you want to post it on your site, and I'll  
just point to you?

Greg "Budding OpenMoko Evangelist" Beuthin

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