[sf-lug] linux voice recognition?

Dennis J Harrison Jr dennisharrison at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 12:58:16 PDT 2008

I would suggest trying to get speech recognition working inside of
asterisk first, if you are looking for a more filled out introduction.
 There will be lots of documentation on various methods of this.
Check out voip-info.org and #asterisk on freenode.  Once you get
sphinx working in that situation it will be trivial to take input from
a different channel and script things based on that.

Hope this helped.

2008/9/19 Rigel Christian <rigelc at gmail.com>:
> Does anyone have experience with rolling their own voice recognition using
> CMU's Sphinx-3 or Sphinx-4? or others, too, uts just sphinx looks like the
> most mature project.
> I wanted to learn more about it for use in a medical transcription context,
> but the introductory literature seems really kind of impenetrable to someone
> who knows squat about the field.
> since the production of acoustic models seems to depend on a significant
> number of people reading the same thing into a microphone, i would also
> probably want to try and shanghai other members of the group into
> participating, once i figured out more details.
> cheers.
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