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hi there.

it's me, your humble maillist admin; lx.

the following came in from a non-subscriber, it was undeliverable.  

i've cut/pasted the key bits, fixed a couple of annoying linefeeds, and now present the result for your consideration:

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Open enrollment of presentations and participants to meet online EDUSOL 200=
Bine - EDUSOL, the Institute of Economic Research UNAM and the draft
of the FES Research Psychoeducational Iztacala, UNAM. The invitation to
participate as speakers and participants from our "Fourth Encounter
Online education and free software, EDUSOL 2008" to be held from 10 to
November 21, 2008 that will tackle as the overall theme "Knowledge
society and free culture."
The meeting EDUSOL is a call to systematize our educational
experiences with free software, think around them and create innovative
proposals that will enable us all to benefit from the collaborative
construction of knowledge.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Call lecture, workshop or symposium on IRC tutorial online:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
It invites teachers, researchers, free software developers and
people interested in the education area to participate in the mode of
presentation, workshop or tutorial symposium IRC.
Information on the characteristics of the extensive in http://edusol.bine.org.mx/es/e2008/convocatoria/ponentes
* October 15. Closure of receiving submissions in detail.

Participation as an assistant:

It invites people interested in discussing and collaborating on joint const=
ruction on the topic of education and free software.
Registration: http://edusol.bine.org.mx/es/e2008/registro
* Closure of the register on November 2
The meeting will be divided into online activities of work:
Wiki, desks online tutorials and workshops, discussions with experts
and symposium on IRC sessions by videoconference, chat forums and
general horizontal.

No fees

The encounter online, requires support ...

We require assistance in various areas such as: Dissemination of the
meeting, translation, graphic design, prototype development and
technological support academic
Help this call forwarding or putting a banner on your personal page or grou=
p of users
You can find more information on volunteering at: http://edusol.bine.org.mx/es/e2008/voluntarios
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------=

More information on page of the encounter: http://edusol.bine.org.mx/e2008/

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