[sf-lug] Information about the free software movement in Latin America

toya toya at linefeed.org
Tue Sep 16 13:39:07 PDT 2008

Hi all,
As someone here already know, I am from Brazil, :)
And a couple of weeks ago I was in Brasilia (the capital) for an International
Conference of Government and Society and Free Software. It was amazing and very
inspiring, there were people from many governments in Latin America who are migrating
to Free Software as well representatives from the FOSS communities in those countries
(ie. SOLAR from argentina, ASLE from ecuador and softwarelivre.org from Brazil).

They are doing a good work on not only migrating to free software but to also change
the way things works inside of the government to adopt more of the FS philosophy. It
was very exciting to see the progress on this part as well on the technological side and
how the solidarity between those communities and those governments is growing in pro
of the same goal, promote the adoption of FOSS and it's philosophy.

I help to keep up a blog in english only about the Latin America Free Software Movement,
and has just updated a full report about this conference, I would like to share with this
list because this is a very important thing (what is happening in Latin America) and should
inspire all of us :)

here is the link to it: http://news.northxsouth.com/

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