[sf-lug] next Openmoko mtg.

Owen Pietrokowsky opietro at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 20:47:22 PDT 2008


Testing and documentation sound like good starting points to me.


>>jim wrote:
>> a couple of tasks that can integrate less-
>> experienced people with more experienced 
>> people are testing and documentation, both 
>> of which can support demonstrating the 
>> product, another, similar task area. 

>Jim, of course, speaks wisely, as I had the pleasure of discovering at a 
>recent meeting.

>Excellent suggestion. So perhaps we do a project e.g. Jeffrey's nextbus 
>project, some of us code, some of us write documentation, some of us test.

>How does everyone feel about that? I would be happy to be a "floater", 
>making sure that information was flowing back and forth and that 
>everyone was gainfully involved.

>I'd be particularly interested in hearing from the newbies who
>otherwise sit quietly in the back and wait for other people to say wise 
>things. Come on! Newbies are also wise!


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