[sf-lug] Next Openmoko meeting: Tuesday?

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Sat Sep 13 09:06:38 PDT 2008

Jeffrey Malone wrote:

> My library for nextbus may be such an item on which to work, and it's


> Other ideas for which I've done some minor base work:
> Games using the accelerometers, such as snake, a labyrinth game, or an
> "etch-a-sketch" (with no knobs, but with the drawing by moving the
> phone and shaking to erase). 


> A power management applet for illume and frameworkd

All good ideas.

I'd like to make sure we structure this in a way that no one is left 
out. For instance, some of you are expert developers, and can jump right 
in and be effective.

Others might sit on the sidelines while 3-4 of you do all the work.

How can we make sure everyone is involved?

How does this happen at other code sprints?

Perhaps have a group that does some more beginner tasks, like showing 
how to boot different distros from SD card, or using the JTAG port, or 
building the kernel?


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