[sf-lug] Other locations

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Sun Sep 7 19:41:08 PDT 2008

Rick Smith wrote:
> [...]
> Metreon food court (were sfobug.org meets) has wifi, beer, non beer, 
> food.  4th and Mission - Powell BART/muni east exit.

Wow -- just had to ++1 this one.  Forgot all about the free wifi at 
Metreon!  Are there plugs around the outlying areas of the food court?  
Even if so, I'm sure we'd need a couple of surge protectors for those of 
us with laptops on 10 minute charges.  Still, this seems like a 
potentially very good choice.  Just as long as we avoided a throwdown 
with the Bloods^W^W, uh, I mean BSD users.

If an alternative Sunday location is really up for discussion, I'll vet 


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