[sf-lug] Other locations

jim jim at well.com
Sun Sep 7 10:34:15 PDT 2008

here's a summary of locations (as best i could 
copy-and-paste from recent emails): 
(note we can have a third or even a fourth 
meeting time, most people don't come to all 
meetings, right, so more variety is more 
opportunity, right?) 

Brain Wash (SOMA)
Location: 7th St & Folsom St, near Civic Center MUNI + BART

H Cafe (Castro)
Location: 17th St & Sanchez St (near Castro MUNI)
http://hcafesf.com/community.html has nice-looking pictures

Cafe La Taza (Mission)
Location: Mission St between 20th & 21st, close (ish?) to 24th St BART

St. Anthony's has free wifi, 
location: close to BART / MUNI, fourth and mission garage

SF State, but you'll have to coordinate with students/student orgs.

House of Sheilds 
location: downtown 

location: in the Inner Sunset.  
Pretty limited hours 

The Grind
location: in the Lower Haight.  

DNA lounge 
location: 11th between folsom and harrison 

Other bars, see 

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