[sf-lug] Gentoo Binary Project

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Fri Aug 29 20:49:29 PDT 2008

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008, Justin Ryan wrote:

> Sure, then to get software which isn't available or up-to-date, you 
> install portage-prefix, which then installs new copies of all the stuff 
> that Ubuntu and Debian installed for you, and they fight it out with 
> light sabers.  Last time I emerge -u system in my prefix setup, which I 
> use to build one package that I don't have on Ubuntu, it took a day.

That's why there's the apt-src package, which automates building new 
or customized versions of packages for the Debian world.

> I've actually been thinking about using Portage to generate rpm and
> deb packages, for creating minidistributions, and also for making it
> simpler to deploy some things I use portage-prefix fore.
> I find ebuilds easier to write, update, modify, etc.. than I've ever
> found .spec or the dpkg directory structure.

This is a very good point - would people like me to do a teach-in about 
how to build Debian packages, how to contribute them to Debian/Ubuntu, and 
hwo to upgrade existing packages beyond what the Debian maintainer has 

It would really do better in a better venue than the Javacat - but we were 
discussing different venues before.

I'm not going to say people shouldn't work on phillip's binary Gentoo 
project - by all means, do what you like!  It's a Free (and open source) 
World! (-:

I would just love to also teach people about the Debian way!

-- Asheesh.

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 		-- Emmett Grogan

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