[sf-lug] My journey with the Neo Freerunner

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Hey Phillip,


I have to agree it is a great device. I am currently using Qtopia though after trying FSO and 2007.2. Maybe I'll flash 2008.8 tonight and try it out. One question I had regarding your blog:


"I do not think the device is an iphone killer because it does not utilize your service provider for Internet. The Neo Freerunner uses a wifi connection to access the Internet."


This will be a feature in the near future no? I mean the phone is capable right? I see all these people on the wiki discussing data plans from AT&T and Tmobile I would think you wouldn't need a data plan unless you are accessing the internet through your provider...


This guy seemed to get it to work, Not that I can follow these instructions (its a bit overwhelming...:) 



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