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David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Thu Aug 14 11:08:13 PDT 2008

I agree on suggesting you switch from Astound and I'm also in San Mateo.
I had their service for almost a year but was unimpressed by the upload
speed of ~300kbps and around 4.5M down on what was supposed to be 8M
promised. Comcast was good with peak speeds up to 11M but it always
seemed to settle to 6M after a 10-15 seconds whend doing a speed test.
ATT's Uverse appears to be a more solid 10M down with 1M to 1.5M up.
This service is their fiber offering. The fiber is run along bigger
streets and coax is split off of that to come to individual houses. Of
course in both cases, I don't run into any filtering...mainly just want
to use ssh anyway. The tech told me there was a 28Mbit stream coming to
my house over that line which is shared by HD(one stream at a time),
standard def(up to 4 streams at a time), any voip phones, and the
internet connection.

Another option if it's just you is to try ssh tunneling. It's not all
that hard to setup.



Nathan Hoover wrote:
> I hate to give the trite answer, but maybe choose an ISP that doesn't
> unduly restrict you? There are reasonable network management reasons
> to block SMTP traffic, but IMAP and HTTP is just going overboard. Even
> the much-maligned AT&T (which I have now) and Comcast
> <http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-2636457-10379737> (which I had
> previously) didn't block those services. I've found them both to be
> reasonably reliable (at least out here in San Mateo) and meeting - in
> AT&T's case - or exceeding - in Comcast's case the advertised speeds.
> Regards,
> Nathan
> 2008/8/14 phillip tribble <phillip.tribble at gmail.com
> <mailto:phillip.tribble at gmail.com>>
>     Does anyone know a good workaround for hosting a websit at home
>     using Astound as an ISP? I have to use an atlternate port for
>     apache and it appears that my IMAP and SMTP are going to be
>     blocked also.
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