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Chris Rebert cvrebert at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 20:13:26 PDT 2008

Directly from the sftp manpage:

"For example, to specify an alternate port use: sftp -oPort=24"

So, just replace "24" with the custom port you want.

- Chris

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On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 8:08 PM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:
> As I understand it, scp and sftp are subsystems of ssh.
> SSH can be configured to listen on a non standard port.
> The ssh and the scp client commands allow for this with the -p and -P options respectively.
> How does a client establish an sftp connection with an SSH server listening on a non standard port?
> Yes I know the contempt many have for "security by obscurity" and I respect the arguments supporting these sentiments BUT given that the situation is as it is, it's hard for me to imagine that there isn't an answer to this puzzle.
> Does anyone happen to know what it is?
> alex
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