[sf-lug] IBM promotes MSFT-less linux desktop

jim jim at well.com
Sat Aug 9 16:20:51 PDT 2008


   the article claims that IBM is partnering with 
Canonicle, Red Hat, and Novell to sell a linux-
based desktop, which seems to be a platform for 
IBM's "Open Client Collaboration Solution", a 
wearying moniker for a product that features 
Lotus branded software. 

   one interesting part is that, given some 
success, there will be a significant minority 
of the general office workforce that will be 
using some kind of Linux and will therefore be 
interested in having a similar Linux box at home. 

   part of microsoft's efforts are aimed at 
making their operating system product appealing 
to big businesses that value digital rights 
management (DRM). Linux in its current form goes 
in the direction of openness for content, ala 
creative commons, ogg vorbis, etc. 

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