[sf-lug] WiiLi & Billix

Bobbie Sellers bliss at california.com
Fri Aug 1 18:43:00 PDT 2008

Reading the August 2008 Linux Journal and found WiiLi

	You guessed it. Linux for the Wii.

	More information at www.wiili.org.

	I know one guy who likes to try out Linux on game
machines and the Wii is the best interface to a game that
has been along so far imo.
	I think of getting the additional use from the game
machine as a desktop or portable is great.

	Bought it for the headline about Billix replacing
CDs "Kiss Install CDs Goodbye".  This is the upgrade to the
idea of the "Bootable Business Card CD".  A set of tools
including DSL with various net installs, Memtest86, Ntpwd,
and DBAN a disk wiper utility.  Put it on a very cheap
256 MB USB thumbdrive and you have an administrative tool kit.
Larger drive can add functionality or you can store files
on them as designed.  Bill Childers is the man behind the
compilation of tools and the author of the article.

	The article provides tips for trouble shooting
the Billix you are trying to set up.

	Billix Project Page

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