[sf-lug] Help the LUG booth at LinuxWorld

Bobbie Sellers bliss at california.com
Fri Aug 1 17:24:26 PDT 2008

jim wrote:
> If you're coming to LinuxWorld, let me 
> know if you can spend a little time at 
> the common LUG booth in the .Org pavilion 
> (booth #14). Coverage is still a little 
> too light, we can use help on all days, 
> Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
> Per Untangle's email re the installfest: 
> Don't forget to register for the LinuxWorld Expo. 
> The passes are free if you register in advance, 
> but $50 onsite.  Register here:
> https://register.rcsreg.com/regos-1.0/lnsf2008/ga/index2.html

	Just took care of registration and will be trying to
come at least Tues and Thurs to provide break time for
the guy stuck with the job.

	What time of day would be best for that?

	If you haven't gotten to the point of deciding
that yet you can tell me at the meeting Sunday.

     bliss at california dot com

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