[sf-lug] what "consistency", not near the user - we don't got no consistency!

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    Quoting JW (jmango at mail.com):

    > The learning curve for each distro seems annoying and unnecessary to me.

    Maybe you're spending too much time trying to learn the parts that just
    don't matter.

    The bash shell and core GNU & BSD tools are utterly consistent and
    reliable across all systems.  Standard X11 copy-and-paste works exactly
    the same, regardless of window manager and "desktop" (if any)...

Yeah, right! Why do the xfree86 commands not work anymore? [ the liscensing bit = an ok excuse here but it's not "consistent"] What's not basic about human non-hostile interfaces. In fact, why does 915resolution not work anymore? Why do I need to go through the hellish nightmare of removing most of the video system and installing old 915resolution to get the right video modes on my laptop? So far the only available answer = programmers who buy expensive equipment went with ATI video and nobody cares about getting video right anywhere else. Thats the #3 maker and only was #1 briefly. I don't like the abandonware problems with w98 either. I'd love to see linux get back to the usability we had in 2005. I don't even review distribution installs anymore because quality died. 

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