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2008/7/29 Alden Meneses <aldenm at gmail.com>

> So last weekend I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on my
> laptop and am quite enjoying it.
> Eventually I want to build a HTPC. I was turned off by the prospect of
> installing Vista so decided to play around with Ubuntu where I can watch TV
> (MythTV), record music (Audacity), and even found a potential replacement
> for Quicken (Moneydance). Actually I might just stick to spreadsheets so I
> won't have to shell out the cash for the yearly upgrades. Anyone know a good
> video editor? I want to upload video to YouTube for a ukulele forum I belong
> to.

About video editors, I and other video editors for the Digital Tipping Point
have edited and uploaded 75 hours of video to the Internet Archive's Digital
Tipping Point Video Collection using nothing other than Free Open Source
Software, and most of that using Kino:


For editing .mpg files, I recommend Avidemux.  It is a simple storyboard
editor, so don't expect too much.  Also, you really should be editing raw
.dv files, because otherwise you will suffer from integrity loss on
successive generations.

For editing raw .dv files, I would recommend Kino.  It is a sturdy but
simple storyboard editor, and it is simple to add using your repositories
and your package manager.

For compositing, you have your choice of LiVES, KDEnlive, or Cinelerra.
Cinelerra is the most popular of these.  There is a really good series of
video tutorials on using Cinelerra here:


Some people have used Jashaka with success.  I have found it to be buggy.
But lots of people love it:


Also, there is a project called Blender which has been used to create a few
video shorts:


Most of the really advanced FOSS work in video is currently being done with

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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