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On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 1:21 PM, Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu> wrote:

> A look at the other side of the coin...http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/
> Its quite amusing, actually :-)

I ordinarily don't read trolls' work.  Trolls feed on attention.  Deny them
attention and they die.  I prefer to see them die, and so I normally ignore

However, I have heard it said that this guy (linuxhater) is actually a
premier bug reporter, and so I will sometimes follow a link to his blog if
someone I respect, such as Sameer, links to him in an email or post.
Otherwise, I ignore him.

In this case, LinuxHater criticizes the Linux community for producing too
many distros, and claims that is the reason for the Foxconn problem.  The
funny thing about this column is how he ends it, by suggesting that the
hardware and BIOS be open sourced.  I'm not sure if LinuxHater is a
GNU-Linux hater of if it is just a schtick.  He obviously has a lot of
knowledge about Linux.  Here is how he ends his column:

"Of course, in the end, there's only one freetard answer to this whole mess.
Open source the hardware design and BIOS implementation! Then even if there
are bugs, the community will fix them eventually..."

Nonetheless, even if he is a pro-Linux guy using the LinuxHater gag as a
schtick, I don't need to read his stuff, unless, as I say, Sameer links to
it.  Or maybe Rick Moen.  Maybe.  heh.    ;-)

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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