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Hey Jim,


I am not 100% positive on a step by step for this but I have done it before. I was booting puppy off a USB flash drive. I first put a puppy CD in and installed puppy to the flash drive. Then I had to tell my Bios to Boot the USB first and that was pretty much that. If your bios doesnt allow you to select USB (or SD/Slot) as boot  you need to use a 3.5" floopy and a peice of software called Wakepup. Setup your bios to boot from A: and it will start Wakepup wake pup will search your drives for Markers on the drives you want to boot. You make a TXT file with nothing inside titled something like  "Flashboot" and put that on the SD card. WAkepup will search for the marker and directly boot that device. 


I know my explanation isnt the most clear but it has been awhile since I have done this. I know this site is what I used to get the ideas turning and then going to Puppy Linux forums to answer questions. It doesnt outline your exact problem IE SD cards but the process should be the same as Flash Drives 


http://www.puppylinux.com/flash-puppy.htm (this is an older tutorial but should be very similar to the process with 3.1)



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I have a laptop running Ubuntu 8.04.1. It has an SD 
card reader. I have a 4GB SD card. I want to make my 
SD card bootable. I'm failing. Can anyone provide 
the steps i should use to make my 4 GB SD card 
bootable and then put on a small (e.g. puppy) linux 

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