[sf-lug] sf-lug.net

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jul 27 13:48:51 PDT 2008

Quoting jim (jim at well.com):

>    despite nathan's advice that paying the money 
> and keeping the sf-lug.net name will protect us 
> from others taking that name and somehow damaging 
> us, i applied the following reasoning: f... it, 
> "they" probably won't, and if they do, so what. 

Back in the day, I made a similar decision regarding
linuxmafia-dot-otherthings other than .COM.  I could easily have grabbed
every conceivable variant of the name -- but each additional variant would
have been an additional $35/year out of my wallet.  (This was back in
the days of the Netsol registrar monopoly.)

So, the Slackware guys registered and operated linuxmafia.org for their
packages information site for a long time, but I see is now being
offered for sale by squatters^W entrepreneurs.  linuxmafia.net is owned
by some guy in Georgia, and appears to house a Web forum devoted to
legally questionable download files.

The only real disadvantage I've encountered is when people don't listen
when I say "linuxmafia.COM" and tell me all they found was stuff about

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