[sf-lug] anybody have spare parts?

Vincent Malmrose genundoryu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 20:58:27 PDT 2008


Do any of you have extra computer parts laying around you're not using? I am
working on my Eagle scout project and need donations of various computer
parts (specs below). I will be upgrading the KIPP San Fransisco Bay
Academy's computer lab and installing Edubuntu on all the computers.
Currently the lab runs Ubuntu over the network but the computers are too
slow and the kids are starting to say that, "Linux is slow". Not true! We
need better computers, that's all. This will help bolster and aid the Linux
community by having the whole school continue to use Linux.

Components needed:
512 MB DDR RAM, but 256 MB DDR RAM is OK to donate
GeForce or ATI video cards
PIII-1000 CPU, or a P4 if you have any
40 GB Hard Drive

To get the parts to me, you can either email me and I can pick them up, you
can also drop them off at the school in SF on the 19th between 5:00 pm and
7:00 pm, or you could drop them off at the Java Cafe on Geary at 20th in San
Francisco between 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Whichever one is easiest for you. I am
working through the non-profit Partimus <http://www.partimus.org>, so I can
get you a donation receipt for tax purposes, charitable donation. Also, if
you want to make a cash donation, Partimus  can accept that for the project
too. I think the best part of the project is reusing components.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone else who you think might be able
to contribute.

The address for the school is 1430 Scott Street, San Francisco.

Thank you,

Vincent Malmrose, fellow Linux user
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