[sf-lug] sugested posting; & questions of second hard-drive utilizations?

Mikki McGee mikkimc at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 18 11:23:53 PDT 2008

*Hi, all;

    Jim suggested I post the following excerpt of an e-mail I sent to him:*

    So, I had a small collapse of the desktop (8 years old, and the
> 'repository' of my 'data.') The mouse died in the process of editing
> and backing up the Hard Drive. It appeared to others the symptoms of a
> hard drive failure, and while exploring hard drive options, I decided
> to move the mouse to the Ancient Acer machine for practice. It didn't
> work, not there or on the laptop I am now using for most things. (I am
> keeping current work separate from file reorganizations.)  So I bought
> a breeding pair of optical mice, and maybe I can get into business?
> But the hard drive purchase had been a low priority thing for quite a
> while - I had got a laptop size USB-case once, as it was there, so now
> there is a 160g drive in it, partitioned 100 and 60g, and I am
> contemplating what to do with it - the best utilization. I will put
> that onto the Bulletin Board-Group site? 

*Regarding that hard drive:  It will be brought to the meeting, with the 
working laptop (40g HD Ubuntu 7.10). 

    I am not a computer savvy person.  I use them, haven't liked them, 
since DOS died, until Ubuntu.  I really am in the dark about the best 
utilization, for general use, for these three hard-drives, all working 
well at the moment.

    A non-Ubuntu friend purchased it, and partitioned it 100/60 with 
Partition Magick.  The laptop recognized it and partitions with USB 
external. connection.  The immediate need not real, but it is a useful 
device, and I think it may be used for any of:
1)  backup data ?
2)  replacement for the laptop 40g(100& Ubuntu 7.10, working drive) 
going to
    a)    image copy of the current drive (with a Visioneer scanner hand 
configured, desired) ?
    b)   straight download copy of U-8.04  (160g?  100g? 60g?)
    c)   make the image copy as a)  and try to convert to 8.04, see if 
th**e V**isioneer configuration is                       transferred on 
one or the other?
3)   Replace the dual boot on desktop (XP-Pro, not used, and Ubuntu 
6.04) and try to run 8.04 straight,         in one of the configurations? 

    I am interested in feedback - perhaps at the meeting?  

    This may seem trivial, but I have little money, on Social Security, 
and trying to make the best choice.

Bless All

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