[sf-lug] Volunteer your technical expertise?

John F. Strazzarino jstrazza at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 07:47:03 PDT 2008

If you have the below skills and want to volunteer, here is your chance.
Web Application Developers:  Develop Drupal modules (in PHP/JavaScript) to interact with the sv4obama database based on the current needs of the volunteer group. Developers need to be fluent in PHP/MySQL web app development or at least familiar with standard programming languages and willing to learn PHP.
Data Developers:  Data developers will work with the data/tech team to parse, input, and structure the massive amount of data we're trying to pull together.  Data developers need to be fluent in string processing in any language, understand XML, have experience in relational database design (MySQL) and preferably know PHP. Languages we've used so far include Python, Perl, and PHP.
GIS Developers:  GIS developers will be working with the team to develop ways to map various kinds data and generate geographic information from existing data. Developers should be familiar with mapping products including Google Maps, Google Earth, ArcView, GeoServer, and GIS functions in MySQL and KML.
System Administrator:  Someone with experience in setting up MYSQL, SpamAssassin, and Mailman software on Unix-based systems.  Comfortable with writing PHP/Perl/Python scripts to help automate various workflows.
We could use some help scouring the Internet for digital maps that can be digitized into Shapefiles.  If you understand what this means and can help, please contact me as well.
If any of you can recommend a dedicated Unix hosting provider or might be able to find a home to provide us with space/bandwidth (and full shell access to add/install software modules), please let me know too.    We have massive amounts of data that's we're going to be managing....
Rober Hu
Obama Campaign Manager
roger.hu at gmail.com

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