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Sat Jun 14 10:57:01 PDT 2008

*Hello, all:

    I am new to the sf-lug, will be attending the first time on Monday 
at 6 (God willing, the MUNI don't strike.)

    In chatting with Jim he suggested I tell you all about the issues, 
and interested folk can chose to show up or kibitz.

1)    I have been using Ubuntu since June, 2006, with Ubuntu 6.06 
installed onto a desktop and a laptop, both successfully dual boot, with 
Windows XP.  (another person did the installation.)

2)    The Fries "Great Quality" laptop recently was converted by a 
friend to single boot U 7.04 with a sane-xsane-Gimp connection, and the 
Visioneer 7300-usb working well  He also did an installation of 'wine.'  
A memory failure during this process restricted using the installation, 
until adequate memory was re installed.  It works +/- fine, now.

3)    I do not wish to upgrade this laptop computer to U 8.04 until I am 
sure I can re-install the
Sane-Insane connection, as that is the basic function intended for this 
machine - copying in Libraries. ( I am using it a lot, recently, just to 
get used to it.)  I would rather keep a functioning machine, than risk 
it in upgrading. 

4)    A friend gave me an "recycled" ACER travelmate 512dx (560 mb) as 
an experimental machine, and this has Ubuntu 8.04 installed 
successfully, and working quite well enough.  I am using it as the 
experimental machine, in fact, to protect data, etc. 

5)    I will be bringing both these machines, mice, power supplies, and 
the Visioneer scanner to the meeting, in the hopes of learning how to do 
such a complex connection myself, make the correct choices in the 
functions, etc.  /This is to be attempted on the ACER./ the Fries GQ 
machine will be available for seeing how it was done there.

6)    I also am interested (more long term) in becoming familiar with 
the Terminal in Ubuntu. 

    I am 71 years old; trained as a biologist; not very well versed in 
computerese. I got into DOS back with DOS 3.3,/ and Windows cured me of 
loving MicroSoft./  I would not have continued with computers at all, 
but that a friend kept giving me his old computers when they were 

    I barely remember any of the DOS commands, but once I was familiar 
with batchfiles, DOS online setups, and re-installing all the programs 
when Windows 2.0 and 3.0 had again crashed the machine.

Bless All

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