[sf-lug] Does anyone know how to recover files from a LVM volume?

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Mon Jun 9 16:27:51 PDT 2008

On Mon, 9 Jun 2008, Bobbie Sellers wrote:

> Asheesh Laroia wrote:
>> On Mon, 9 Jun 2008, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
>>> Asheesh Laroia wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 9 Jun 2008, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
>>>>>    Well I have a 40 GB drive that stopped working properly
>>>>> with a Mandriva installed LVM.  It was backed up but the
>>>>> Gui failed and the backups cannot be restored to a non-LVM
>>>>> partioned drive.
>>>> What tool did you use to do the backup?  Where is that backup stored?
>>>   I used Mandriva Linux Control Center System Backup but when I try
>>> to restore from the DVD+R the files can be seen only in a shadowed form
>>> and nothing can be selected.  I assume it is because of the file system
>>> mismatch between then LVM and now ext3.
>> Hmm, I have no idea how that tool works.
>   Nor more do I.
>> When you put the DVD in, does it automatically mount?  If so, what is on 
>> the disc?  Can you run the program "file" against the files on it?
>   Yes and there is a directory drakbackup containing several text files and 
> several files that
> seem to have nothing to do with content back up but list files stored in zip, 
> tar.gz, etc/

Great!  drakbackup seems to be an old-ish probably-Free tool - e.g. 
http://techteam.gr/linux/docs/mandrake/9.2/drakbackup.html documents it , 
and http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=drakbackup has 
Source and binary RPMs.

>   What I need to do is find a way to remount the disk with the LVN and copy 
> the
> stuff off but that may have to wait until I can use a copy licensed to me.

I don't really understand what you're saying here.

If you want me to help, which I could perhaps, you could put some of those 
text files on the web or somewhere else I can see them.

What does drakbackup think if you run it?

-- Asheesh.

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