[sf-lug] how to improve the sf-lug web site(s)?

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> http://www.sf-lug.com
> http://www.sf-lug.org
>   got ideas? RSS feeds, expanded info on various
> projects, pointers to related sites (e.g. BALE)...?

As much as I like the people at Javacat, that room is horrible for our
meetings.  The sound there is just awful.

Also, I would kind of like to see us have a more coordinated meetings.  The
current arrangement of meetings is nice in that people can just come and
hang out; but it is hard for us to discuss stuff as a group.  It might be
nice if we were in a place where we could have a loudspeaker so that we
could address everyone at the same time for part of the meeting.  As it is,
the meetings are a bit chaotic, with people just coming in and hanging out
and just sort of drifting around.  Drifting around is great for meeting
people one on one, but not great for building group consensus, IMHO.

I am imagining an open-mic type of thing, in which people would come up and
make really short announcements for say 10 minutes, and then we could
discuss stuff as a group for say 30 minutes, and then we could back to doing
the same kind of hanging out that we do now.  As I say, hanging out is great
for building friendships, and I think that the informal nature of the
Javacat meetings has been one of the reasons that this is the most friendly,
nice FOSS list that I have ever been on.  I do get the feeling, though, that
our group is a little chaotic occasionally.

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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