[sf-lug] CUPS printer on Leopard

Tyler Trafford ttrafford at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 21:23:48 PDT 2008

Nathan Hoover wrote:
> This isn't really a Linux question *per se *but it's related. I have a
> printer (Samsung CLP-300 fwiw) connected to my Ubuntu 8.04 home server. The
> printer works fine on the server, and my Windows boxes, where I created a
> new port, with the URL as follows:
> http://my-server:631/printers/CLP-300
> That works fine... but I am having trouble configuring it to work on my
> Macbook running OS X 10.5. It doesn't seem to support the "http..." port
> syntax. Has anyone succesfully configured such a setup and has some advice?
> I tried the obvious combinations in the print dialog but nothing seemed to
> work.

There should be an "Advanced" button where you can add different printer

Or rather, there is if you first:

1. Open System Preferences
2. Select Printers & Fax
3. Click the "+" sign in order to start the adding process
4. With this pane open, Cntrl + Click the menu bar to "Customize Toolbar"
5. Drag the "Advanced" button onto the menu bar

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