[sf-lug] sf-lug news update

jim jim at well.com
Mon Jun 2 16:46:20 PDT 2008

   probably the most important angle is support of 
linux users, in the name of sf-lug and also in the 
name of other similar groups such as balug, penlug, 
   if you can put in a little time at linuxworld 
in early august, help with the common LUG booth. 
   if you have a little time and want to screw 
screws and get down with sheet metal, help ACCRC 
and/or christian einsfeldt rebuild computers. 
christian might welcome help with other problems 
he has at the KIPP school, though i'm just guessing. 
   talk someone you know into converting to linux. 
   investigate some special-purpose app that runs 
on windows and see if it'll run under Wine. 
   promote the use of linux at your work. 
   talk up your interests on the sf-lug mailing 
list and keep it active. these groups are living 
things that need nourishment to live. 
   help, help, oh golly help with this damned XEN 
VM. not just the XEN-specific sysadm stuff but the 
job of bringing over the stuff from the current 
box to the new VM host. NOTE that things always go 
better if we have a pal or two we can work with, 
so if you want to learn or mentor, that should be 
a big plus in contributing. we can do this with 
email and our existing shell accounts on the 
current box. First step is to divide the work 
(parts of the web page tree, various server 

On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 10:02 -0700, Ola Peters wrote:
> Hiya Jim,
> What areas need the most help?  Let me know.
> Ola
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>   there are now over 200 email names on the 
> sf-lug mailing list. 
>   i have to pay money to keep the dns names of 
> sf-lug.{com,org,new} up. there's been a little 
> off-line discussion: maybe some of you could 
> chip in, too, but not by giving money to me. 
>   i'm willing to pay the money to advance the 
> linux FOSS cause and hope that you'll be willing 
> to do something too: 
> * help christian build boxes 
> * help Alameda County Computer Resource Center 
> * help st. anthony's (this saturday and about 
> once per quarter) support the low-income set 
> * help with linuxworld this coming august 
> * talk a friend into converting to linux or some 
> other FOSS platform (e.g. *BSD) 
> * opine as to the need to pay for sf-lug.net 
> * volunteer to do some sysadm work, especially 
> help bring the new box online (it's a XEN-based 
> host that supports separate VMs for sf-lug.com, 
> balug.org, and a generic community do-gooders 
> host. also, take charge of some services or 
> some part of the web page tree. 
> * do some other thing, anything, to advance the 
> linux FOSS cause 
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