[sf-lug] Ubuntu Server on Laptops

Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 23:47:12 PDT 2008

Just wanted to ask a quick question to see if anyone else has tackled this
annoying issue.  I installed Ubuntu 8.04 server on an old laptop to use as a
sort of dev web server.  In the laptop BIOS I turned off all power
management to avoid it shutting down or hibernating at any point.  After a
certain point, the screen will go into 'sleep' mode so far as there is no
longer text output to the screen, but the LCD backlight remains on.  I am
trying to get it to turn off the backlight as well so that it prolongs the
life of the LCD along with consuming less power.

Just to note, I also tried enabling power management in the BIOS to turn off
the LCD only after a specified time, but keep the system running.  That had
the same behavior.  I know that with a GUI, the power management settings
work as they should with the backlight turning off.  This is an old laptop,
so prolonging the life of the LCD is semi-important.  I don't want to have
to install fluxbox or some other GUI just to get power management to work
properly, but if I must in the end, then I must I suppose.


Ernest de Leon

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