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Here is the first Google Alert that tiggerred for me, as requested by

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OpenSUSE beats Ubuntu to the punch
ZDNet Blogs - USA
Novell released OpenSUSE 10.3 today, beating Ubuntu to its 7.10 release by
2 weeks. While I'm still downloading as I type this, the improvements to
OpenSUSE ...
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Sights, sounds and smells of Italy
Boston Herald - United States
You read about Ubuntu in yesterday's Herald and how that's our
philosophy - each man on the team helping each other. So I had to help my
fellow rookie. ...
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Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status
Register - London,England,UK
It is, however, an option for Canonical/Ubuntu head Mark Shuttleworth. The
open source advocate has plenty of cash - enough cash to build a breathing
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Celts unite, word has it
Boston Herald - United States
During the first days of training camp in Italy, the team has chosen the
word "ubuntu" to finish its post-practice moment with coach Doc Rivers.
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Installing Ubuntu Or Fedora From A Windows Or Linux System With ...
UNetbootin is a tool that allows you to install various Linux
distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Debian, ArchLinux)
from a Windows or a Linux desktop over the internet (ie, you don't
need to burn the Ubuntu, Fedora, . ...
HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and...

What package is that file in ?
By jharr
... since those are generated after the package is extracted. Tags:
apt file ubuntu, General, install apt file ubuntu, Package Mgmt, using
apt fileapt file ubuntu, General, install apt file ubuntu, Package
Mgmt, using apt file.
Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu: No DVD decoder, no C libraries... oh the joy!
By Joe Anderson
I've just reinstalled Ubuntu. I messed up my x64 install and with all
the problems I encountered by using a x64 operating system I decided
to swap back to a nice x86 installation. I chose to install a
development build of Gutsy. ...
Webby's World

Low disk space
By Philip Casey
I thought this was going to be a long night, but oddly enough it was
solved in about 5 minutes, thanks to another Ubuntu blog called Ubuntu
Linux Journey. Oddly enough, this blog started at almost the same time
as this one, ...
Ubuntu Learner

Dell: Note the positive PR your Ubuntu stuff gets you - front page ...
By jmxz
This Dell/Ubuntu article made the NYTimes Online front page. The New
York Times The Next Leap for Linux Published: October 4, 2007 Dell is
testing the waters with a Linux-equipped notebook computer, in a
challenge to Microsoft and Apple ...
Dell IdeaStorm

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