[sf-lug] WAY OT: Car Stereo Analog Electronics

Mark K. Zanfardino mzanfardino at gmail.com
Wed May 28 10:02:54 PDT 2008


The quality of the sound is pretty good.  I've got the stock Lexus 
stereo (whatever model that may be!) and a higher-end adapter (Belkin, I 
think).  Do spend the money for a decent adapter though.  I've used them 
in the past and I find the cheap ones break.  Specifically the wire 
develops a short that destroys stereo.

I'd guess the quality of your stereo would determine the overall quality 
of the sound though.  And as <$20 you can certainly give it a try.  If 
you don't like it, then you can just return it.


Matt Price wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-05-28 at 08:56 -0700, Mark K. Zanfardino wrote:
>> I realize you are probably doing this because it's something fun to do, 
>> but have you considered the more direct route?  If the cassette works, 
>> why not just buy a cassette adapter?  They cost about $15.00 at Radio 
>> Shack and they give you a 3.5mm stereo connector you can plug into your 
>> iPod (or whatever).  I use one in my 2000 Lexus.  I was going to replace 
>> the in-dash cassette with an in-dash CD player until I realized I'd 
>> loose my iPod...
> how's the sound on this for you?  i'd like to get decent sound quality;
> as i say, it's a long drive, and i really odn't want to have the volume
> cranked to maximum so my kids can listen to audiobooks...  
> thanks,
> matt
>> Just a thought.
>> Mark
>> Matt Price wrote:
>>> hi guys,
>>> well, this is the DIY group i know best...  I'm getting ready for a big
>>> road trip (all the way back to toronto) and I'm trying to hook my ipod
>>> up to my car stereo.  unfortunately i have a stock honda civic stereo
>>> head unit, which doesn't have an aux in anywhere.  instead htere's a
>>> proprietary DIN-style connector that goes from the head unit (which has
>>> a radio ) and the external cassette player (mounted separately in a
>>> different spot on the dash).  
>>> there's a pin diagram for this connector here (well, at least i think
>>> it's the right diagram):
>>> http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/DIY/sound_system.htm
>>> this instructables suggests it's the same as the honda stereos:
>>> http://www.instructables.com/id/SOU74LJF9056P3L/
>>> my plan is to take out the  cassette player (not hard, i've done it
>>> before), and somehow splice an audio out cable into the din connector.
>>> as far as i understand it, all i need to do is connect the signal
>>> ground, left and right wires to the appropriate pins, and the thing
>>> SHOULD get sound from the ipod (or any aux connector).  i see two ways
>>> to do this:
>>> 1) just take an old headphone wire, open it up, and run the individual
>>> wires into the appropriate din pin openings.  but this is too simple.
>>> 2) find an 8-pin din connector, solder the wires from the headphone jack
>>> into it, but also maybe somehow use the other wires to do other things.
>>> for instance, i'd love to get usb power off of the battery; i'd love to
>>> be able to somehow control the ipod using the accessory; etc.  i dont
>>> know how ocmplicated all of these are.  also all my soldering tools and
>>> stuff are back home in toronto.  and finally, i don't know where to buy
>>> stuff like this here in sf.  
>>> sooo...  i'm hoping there's someone out there who knows all this stuff!
>>> or who knows where to point me for more info.  i'd lvoe for this to
>>> work, it's gonna be a looooong car ride...  thanks!
>>> matt

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