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                             PRESS RELEASE

            PC/104 Embedded Consortium Launches New Website
Sacramento, CA  May 15, 2008 - The first place to come for information
on small form factor embedded computer and I/O boards utilizing PC/104
technology is the new Consortium website: www.pc104.org

New Features:

      * Expanded Product Directory 
      * Company News and Press Releases 
      * White Papers & Articles 
      * All Specifications are still Free to download
Since the sneak peek of the website at ESC-Silicon Valley, in mid-April,
the site now has over 175 web sites linking to it and has had an
increase in traffic of 19%.  Visitors can view technical information and
download full specifications for each of the seven technologies covered
by the Consortium – PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express,
PCIe/104, EBX, and EPIC. 

“This is an exciting time for the PC/104 Embedded Consortium.
With the new PCI/104-Express specification recently announced, we think
the timing is perfect for this website facelift,” says board president
Dr. Paul Haris. “The re-design of our Product Directory Section, really
showcases the breadth of products available by our member companies like
never before.”  

About the PC/104 Embedded Consortium

The Consortium is the focal point for the entire PC/104 industry
including manufactures and OEMs. It provides a place for information on
current specifications, product offerings, news, and events and a place
to advance and develop specifications that are consistent and stable for
long-term use. 

The PC/104 Consortium and standard were established in 1992. PC/104, in
use since 1987, is a small form factor, embedded PC physical and
electrical interface standard. It provides embedded system designers
with an architecture that is dense, cost effective and based on proven,
practical technology. PC/104-Plus, an extension that was added to the
standard in 1995, incorporates PCI technology. A PCI only version,
PCI-104 was incorporated into the specification in 2003. EPIC form
factor, a mid-sized format that supports PC/104 and PC/104-Plus was
adopted in early 2005. 

For more technical information on any of the seven specifications,
please visit www.pc104.org .

     Media Contact: Jeff Milde, Executive Director, PC/104 Embedded
       jmilde at pc104.org / Tel: (916) 270.2016 / FAX: 866.746.3815

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