[sf-lug] controlling external electronics? for a little science project

jim jim at well.com
Wed May 14 07:43:28 PDT 2008

   at the LUGradio show there was a guy 
with the TVbegone gizmo (turns any 
television off, that's all it does, but 
it does it perfectly, kind of a Unix 
philosophy for electronic gizmos. 
   he's got other stuff, though this is 
his big hit. 
   i plan to check him out. he's friendly 
and might be an interesting field trip 
for the two of you. 

cornfield electronics is on 1800 market 
street in SF. 


On Tue, 2008-05-13 at 20:07 -0700, Matt Price wrote:
> hi folks,
> my 9-year-old has an idea for an invention..
> maybe she's not the first one to have invented it exactly, but i'd like
> to encourage her.  she wants a reverse alarm clock, that does the
> following:
> -turn out her light at bed time
> - play from a selection of boring speeches after lights out, to lull her
> to sleep
> - wake her in the morning with a less boring speech.
> now, it strikes me that most of this could be done pretty easily with a
> simple python script on her xo-1.  but to turn the light out she needs
> to open a circuit external to the computer.  now i imagine even this is
> pretty easy to do; that there exist generic usb connected electronics
> kits, that let you perform arbitrary simple actions (like flipping a
> switch) with signals from the computer.  but if this is so i have no
> idea how to do it.  anyone know anything about this sort of thing?  
> as usual i appreciate al the help...
> matt

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