[sf-lug] [Fwd: job post for sf-lug] Startup needs tech lead (social shopping, MIT)

jim jim at well.com
Sat May 10 09:46:28 PDT 2008

Job Title: Software Architect
Salary Range: Equity for now, Competitive salary after 1st funding round
City Location:  SF or LA 


I'm seeking a software architect (design + hands-on coding) to join me
at a social-shopping startup.  The product has been mocked-up but not
yet built. I have already run the idea by some people affiliated with
well-known tech companies (linked-in, imeem, ning, and others), and have
met with a VC at a well-known firm who thought the idea "could be huge".
I am now looking to build a first version, get traffic, and then raise
funding to expand. You would receive equity at first, and then be a paid
employee upon successful closing of an angel round.  Time-commitment
wise, it would be a part-time project until I raise funding.

 My background:
 MIT, math undergrad
 MBA, Texas A&M
 Internet Product Manager with several years experience

 I'm looking for someone with knowledge of the following:
 * Linux/Apache/MySQL
 * JAVA or PHP
 * Javascript (AJAX toolkits a plus)
 * Web Services (Mash-ups, Facebook Applications, etc.) - Interest in
Social Networks and Social Applications a definite plus

In addition to building the first version of the site, you would later
on be hiring and managing programmers.  If this sounds like it might
interest you, please send me your resume and links.

Russell Miller
russell at adamm.net

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