[sf-lug] Looking things up

jim jim at well.com
Mon Apr 28 09:54:06 PDT 2008

seems a good idea to add to the sf-lug web pages 
some set of links for looking up software design 
points and other IT and sys adm info. 
   one of the most important doc sets for modern 
software is the RFC pages (Request For Comments). 

   the above page has four prominent links: 
rfc-editor web pages 
rfc-editor doc database 
rfc-editor queue 

   the top page gives you info as to how to access 
an RFC if you know the number. 
   if you click the index link, you get an ASCII 
listing of RFC documents in numerical order. 
   the rfc-editor link returns a page that has a 
few links for navigation, one of which lets you 
search for an RFC by entering keywords in a text 
box. i looked for email headers and got three hits, 
including this useful one: 

   i'm hoping this starts a thread that improves 
the intention of this email message and adds some 
more top-level links that we can put on the sf-lug 
web pages. 
   your opinions? 

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