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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 27 18:03:20 PDT 2008

PCLinuxOS was once based on Mandrake, It's still # 2 on distrowatch.com. Texstar looked at MEPIS but didn't want to learn his way around .deb repositories. My experience with PCLinuxOS shows that when it goes on easy it continues to give a good user experience. Thus showing the best possible failure traits - obvious total initial failure - so you waste no no time on a questionable distro! The buntu crowd earned a ban from my boxes but their latest live discs looked good in last nights testing. [ Dave F. requested I test those disks and the Sabayon's distinctively failed, bad burns. ] [ buntu ban results  from literally over 99 installs where it ate its own data partition. ] I should have more on b.coston.googlepages.com soon. - Bruce [Kilgore Starslayer  Excelsior ( Gigante) ] Coston

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