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Subject: Worldwide 2008  Mandriva Linux Spring Installfest
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 23:47:49 +0200
From: Mandriva Team <return at mandriva.com>
To: bliss at california.com

Worldwide 2008  Mandriva Linux Spring Installfest

Mandriva rallies the community of Linux users in many cities across 
the globe on June, the 14th, 2008.

In order to bring Linux to new users and present the new features and 
technologies available in Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, Mandriva is 
mobilizing its network of Linux User Groups (LUGs) to coordinate a 
worldwide Installfest on June, 14th , 2008.

Installations of Mandriva Linux One and Free will take place all 
around the world, thanks to the Linux community. Major participating 
locations will include the United States, China, Poland, Argentina and 
France. Expert Mandriva Linux users are invited to assist beginners to 
help them get started with the operating system. Participants will be 
able to:

Get help on installing Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring on their laptop or 
desktop free of charge.
View demonstrations of all that can be done with Mandriva Linux 2008 
Get answers to their questions.
Meet other Mandriva Linux users, and chat with their local community.

The installation is often the toughest step for a beginner willing to 
adopt a new operating system. This is why Mandriva invites anyone 
wishing to know Linux better to join the free install fests on June, 
14th. These installfests are made possible thanks to the power of the 
knowledge sharing spirit, one of the keystones of the open source 

In order to be the most efficient, please give us all the informations 
required below, and send them back to: lugs at mandriva.com:

Location of the Install Party
Number of persons :
Shipping addres:
Zip Code:

Get more information about Mandriva Linux:

Have a look at our Mandriva Club with all the information you need to 
get started:

Get more information on Mandriva's offer:

Manage your acccount :


     bliss at california dot com

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