[sf-lug] olpc: green machine

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 12 19:42:06 PDT 2008

my grandson is visiting and has brought his olpc and is asking that I
get him connected to the internet.
I've found the terminal but there is no /etc/network directory
and no ifconfig or iwconfig command available.
The machine seemed to connect after I turned mac filtering off on my
router but after I figured out what the mac address was, I added it to
the white list and re-enabled mac filtering. After that I've been
unable to connect again. Even after turning mac filtering back off.
Can anyone suggest how to get the poor boy connected?
The address not found message suggests checking "your network
connection and DNS server settings." but gives no clue how to do that
on this machine.


a_kleider at yahoo.com

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