[sf-lug] social planning website software?

jim jim at well.com
Thu Apr 10 21:58:46 PDT 2008

meetup doesn't do it? 

On Thu, 2008-04-10 at 09:10 -0700, Ernest De Leon wrote:
> I don't know the proper way to phrase this, so I'll just describe it.
> I'm looking for some sort of website that I can host (or a service
> that can be subscribed to) where I can allow many people to come
> together and schedule different events that coincide with a topic.
> For instance...let's say I wanted to coordinate a nation wide party on
> the 5th of May.  I would send out word to everyone and as the word
> spread, people would be able to come to the site, sign up and choose
> how they want to participate.  Some would be like 'mini-event
> coordinators' or host parties, some would just be attendees, some
> would be large area coordinators, etc.  It would also have areas for
> people to collaborate on things and maybe some type of forum deal.
> Think of it as a web based 'world-wide-launch-party' platform.  If
> anyone knows of one, please let me know.
> Thanks
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