[sf-lug] Need help with VirtualBox on openSUSE and Feisty (or Gutsy)

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 15:22:03 PDT 2008


2008/4/8 Ernest De Leon <edeleonjr at gmail.com>:

> why are you two always fighting?  :)

AFAIK, I have never fought with Rick.  He and I disagree occasionally, but
as far as I can tell, we are in basic agreement on most points.  Most of the
disagreements that we have are over rather minor points, IMHO.  Rick tends
to use tart language occasionally, but I know that Rick is just a bit crusty
occasionally, and so it does not affect me.  There is almost always valuable
information in Rick's posts, and so if you can read past his tart comments,
you will benefit from his posts, as I have.

When I first signed up for the SV-LUG list and saw Rick's tart comments, I
either ended my subscription or just lurked for a while (I don't remember
which).  After a while, though, I came to see that it is just his personal
style.  Don't take it personally.  He is that way with just about everyone,
and yet everyone generally respects his knowledge, and even his tart wit is
funny sometimes.  You are never going to get him to be mild-mannered,
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