[sf-lug] Usenet Reader

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Apr 6 23:52:45 PDT 2008

Quoting Deepan (codeshepherd at gmail.com):

> Can someone suggest me application to browse and send messages to
> Usenet?

IMO, tin is still unbeatable after all these years.  I briefly changed
to slrn when it was getting good and tin was (1) proprietary and (2)
poorly maintained, but gladly switched back when those problems were
fixed.  (I never warmed to trn or gnus.)

> Also it would be great if you can recommond some free quality usenet
> servers.

It's too featherweight for anything serious, and lacks a bunch of
desirable features, but I use Leafnode to operate strictly local
newsgroups (not part of Usenet).  But then, running any significant
fraction of a full news feed is notorious for being a huge machine load
_and_ involves software that typically involves some non-trivial
sysadmin handholding (CNews, DNews, INN, Diablo).

You _could_ just run NewsCache locally, and let some upstream NNTP admin
have all those joys.  http://www.linuxhacker.at/NewsCache

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