[sf-lug] Which CMS ? Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, PHPNuke or PostNuke?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 24 12:51:24 PDT 2008

Quoting Adrien Lamothe (alamozzz at yahoo.com):

> Drupal 6 was just released, you can read a review at
> http://www.linux.com/feature/129444.  The reviewer says Drupal is
> different from other CMS frameworks because you can program it to
> avoid a "cookie cutter" look.

You know, but Drupal-liking reviewers have said that before.  I'd take
this one, Susan Linton, more seriously when she says "The beauty of
Drupal is how highly customizable it is" if she had added "...even
though, if you've played with Drupal in the past, you're aware of how
pre-6.0 releases have been configuration-resistent, albeit the job
has not been as akin to kicking a dead whale down a beach as with, say,

> The review gives references to several major Drupal based web sites.

Warner Brothers Records, Popular Science, and The Onion.

When I look at The Onion's site, I immediately think "Wow, _sure_ looks
like Drupal.  But at least they themed it, a bit."  Same for Popular
Science.  The other one _does_ manage to escape the typical
looks-like-every-other-Drupal-site look, but what you don't get to see
is how much hard slogging through major PHP hacking -- and money to pay
for it -- went into that accomplishment.  I'm betting:  a lot.

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