[sf-lug] HP Laptop Mic

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Sun Mar 16 09:58:23 PDT 2008

First of all I would recommend upgrading to Fedora 8. 

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Hi All,
I have Fc 6 on a HP Pavllion dv 6000. I am able to
listen to music on the built in speakers.The
inbuilt mic doesn't work

[Charles N Wyble] 

Does it show up in the mixer? You running GNOME? KDE? 

 and when connecting
external speakers I don't get the sound on the
external speakers  thought my built in speakers
continue to work.

[Charles N Wyble] 

Hmmmm. Is the volume turned up on your external speakers? Do you have multi
(as in more than 2) channel audio?

 After searching on the internet,
came to  know I had to upgrade alsa drivers. I
downloaded the latest version and  alsa-drivers
and als-libs and did as mentioned in the README.
But  /proc/asound/version still shows me the old
version. What have I missed ? Do I need to 
recompile the kernel ?

[Charles N Wyble] 

Most likely need to reload the alsa module. And see where it installs under
/lib/modules and make sure it doesn't stick your locally compile version
under misc or something.

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